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The world famous YouTuber Felix Kjellberg also known as PewDiePie shares his take on how to become a youtuber.

PewDiePie started his ventures as a YouTuber back in 2010, when YouTube had only existed for 5 years. His playful and seemingly close relationships with his subscribers, have today made him a multi-millionaire and he has now got close to 58 million subscribers to his channel.

With One billion hours of YouTube footage being watched daily, and more than 1 billion Youtube users, it seems to be a great market to tap into.

Here are PewDiePie’s advice on what it takes be become a YouTuber:

Stand Out
“It’s going to be an uphill battle” So you’ve got to do what you can to stand out. You need to get your personality across. The viewer is not going to keep following your channel unless they care about you as a person. Kjellberg explains.

Maintain your audience
Once you get an audience you need to keep captivating them, otherwise your YouTube fame will disappear as fast as you got it.
“YouTube is all about personality – at least that’s how I see it. And anyone I watch is purely because of their personality”. That’s how YouTube is different than Television, and sometimes people in the industry forget about that. Kjellberg explains.

How much work do I need to put in?
Being a YouTuber is a hobby and a job at the same time, which can be really hard to balance at times. It is nothing like a 9-5 job, there are greater similarities to being an entrepreneur. It can be hard to turn off you work-mode. “I’m always checking videos, I’m always checking stats, I’m always checking comments, what are people saying ..” Kjellberg says.

Don’t hold yourself back just because you don’t have all the technical gear you’ve been planning. It takes practice to make videos, no matter if you have to equipment or not. Get started with what you’ve got, Kjellberg explains and point out that started with a simple headset. Having great technical equipment will not automatically get you subscribers.

Market yourself
The hardest thing on YouTube is to establish your first audience. If you can get that, be having someone else mention you or your channel, then that will help push you forward. But, be not fooled “a shootout can only get you that far”, Kjellberg says. People are only going to come back to your channel if they find you interesting.

Consider why you want to become a YouTuber
Do it for the right intentions. “I see so many people wanting to make YouTube videos because they want to be famous and want to make money”, Kjellberg says. You should make YouTube videos because you enjoy making them. If you don’t enjoy the process of making videos, you will stop eventually.

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