Swedish VR gaming company scores big investment

A scene from the trailer for Angry Birds: First Person Slingshot. A woman is pictured lining up her shot.

writer icon Samuel Christiansen     Resolution Games   |   Game Development     🕐 24. Oct. 2018

Resolution Games, a virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) games studio, has successfully raised $7.5 million in a Series B investment round. 

Based in Sweden, Resolution Games was founded by Tommy Palm in 2015. Palm is known for his previous work at King and was instrumental in the creation of the immensely popular Candy Crush Saga.

Early success
Resolution Games was created with an aim to produce games that use VR and AR technology. They released their first AR game at the start of 2016, a fishing game named Bait. It proved to be very popular, with 2.5 million downloads, a high figure in the VR and AR markets.

The funds have come from a number of different investors, including the Danish angel investor David Helgason, founder of game development company Unity Technologies.

Collaboration with Rovio
In September 2018, Resolution Games announced their latest game. A collaboration with Rovio, the new game uses AR to bring the popular game Angry Birds to life. It is called Angry Birds: First Person Slingshot.

It was an interesting choice by Resolution Games and Rovio to develop Angry Birds for the Magic Leap One, as opposed to launching it for the Apple ARKit, or Google’s ARCore. Google and Apple are more established in terms of their availability and reach. Magic Leap One is still in comparatively early stages when it comes to the number of games available, and how well known it is.

Kati Levoranta, CEO at Rovio Entertainment, explained the choice, saying in a press release, “we're always looking for opportunities to expand to new technologies and platforms, and Angry Birds FPS is an exciting step forward into the future of gaming.”

The best is yet to come
At this point, neither AR nor VR have had a real breakthrough yet. Although the technology appears to be there, it does not seem to have met the standard required for it to become mainstream. With that in mind, the choice of platform could arguably be less relevant. When AR and VR have their breakthrough, the platforms that support the technology will likely be carried along with it.

Palm believes that the market will soon explode. In a report by Di Digital, he said that when that explosion happens, he wants Resolution Games to be one of the leading companies in VR and AR.

At present, the market is not big enough. “We believe that will change next year”, Palm declared.

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