$4.6 million investment for coliving startup

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writer icon Kristine Hanson     HAY   |   Investment     🕐 27. Nov. 2018

Danish startup LifeX recently secured an investment of $4.6 million. This is their first major investment since launching in June 2017.

The Copenhagen-based company runs coliving spaces in Copenhagen, Paris and Berlin. Coliving spaces are living spaces which are shared, in a similar vein to the popular trend of coworking spaces.

Not your traditional house-share
What sets it apart from a more traditional house-share is that LifeX manages the apartments for all of the residents. They partner with Danish design company HAY to furnish all of the apartments.

Some may see LifeX as the answer to years of struggle for people relocating to another city, or even another country. People are on the move more than ever before, and although adventure beckons, the stress of relocating can rarely be avoided.

No longer reserved for the wealthy
In years prior, private corporate housing has always been available for the travelling career person. This solution tends to be expensive, and as such is often reserved for the people high up in a company.

LifeX aims to meet the need of everyday people, helping them with a place to live that does not have to break the bank. They also offer assistance with essential things such as a work permit, residency permit, and setting up taxes.

Instead of splitting bills and making cleaning rotas, LifeX takes care of everything, including cleaning the coliving space. Residents only have to make one monthly payment, and everything else is taken care of.

Danish values
Rooted in Danish values and driven by hygge, LifeX encourages residents to socialise with one another. There are community events, and plenty of opportunity for coliving residents to get to know each other and support each other.

Today, LifeX have 25 apartments that they manage. Each apartment accommodates six to eight people. The money received from the recent investment will go towards further expansion within Germany and Denmark.

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