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writer icon Samuel Christiansen     Dominos   |   Business     🕐 05. Mar. 2019

After the Danish branch of international pizza chain Dominos went bankrupt, it changed its name according to the Danish Central Business Register, Det Centrale Virksomhedsregister

The name changed from ‘Dominos Pizza Scandinavia A/S’ to ‘Selskabet 1 af 2. marts 2019’. An odd name for a business perhaps, but also one that indicated that Dominos does clearly not wish to draw further attention to their bankruptcy.

On September 27th, 2018  Danish TV program ‘Operation X’ on TV 2, reported that Dominos had altered  dates on their food products, and things did not get any better from there.

In connection with the program's recordings the Danish Food Inspection Fødevarekontrollen, visited all of Domono’s 31 locations in Denmark, on the 7th of June, 2018.

15 of Dominos restaurants where deemed untidy, and 22 of the restaurants were given a sanction due to poor hygiene. Fødevarekontrollen, in the time that followed, continued to keep a close eye on the chain's restaurants.

The effect
As a consequence, Dominos decided to close up shop at several of its restaurants. Between November 2018 and January 2019, 9 of their restaurants in Denmark were closed down.

“There have been other examples of consumers reacting to [similar] shambles, and there are shops that go down and lose their reputation. At Dominos, there have been real problems, and therefore this does not surprise me, ” said food policy employee Camilla Udsen at the Consumer Council Forbrugerrådet, to B.T.

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