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The two Norwegian education tech companies who have, each on their own, made a difference for hundreds and thousands of school kids, are now joining forces. Kahoot! announced in a press release that they had acquired Poio on Wednesday, May 15th.

The merge
CEO and co-founder of Kahoot!, Åsmund Furuseth, was very pleased to have joined forces with a company like Poio: known for its growth and community building. “We’re impressed by how Poio has already helped more than 100 000 children in Scandinavia to learn how to read in an awesome way,” Furuseth said.

Kahoot!'s beginning
Kahoot! was founded in 2012 by Morten Versvik, Johan Brand, and Jamie Brooker. The three founders, who in a joint project with the Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU) also teamed up with Professor Alf Inge Wang, were later joined by Norwegian entrepreneur Åsmund Furuseth.

Poio born out of a family’s need
Daniel Senn quit his job and founded Poio, also in 2012. Now 7 years later the company's learning app has helped more than 100 000 children learn and develop their reading skills.

Poio’s mission was clear from the get-go, advancing children’s education through gamification.
The idea and passion behind the app was not plucked out of thin air, but rather came from a need to make a real difference when it came to children learning how to read.

”For Daniel, Poio began as a personal journey as his son was born with a severe hearing problem. Knowing that his son would require extensive assistance to master reading, Daniel and his wife soon [realised] that the journey to reading mastery had to be fun and enjoyable. And so, Poio was born”  a Kahoot press release said.

The good intentions paid off. So much so that Poio's competitors not only acquired them, but were impressed enough to do so proudly.

Going forward
“In June, we are together launching Poio to our international community of millions of users, empowering kids everywhere to play, learn and find joy in reading.” CEO of Kahoot! Åsmund Furuseth, said.

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