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writer icon Hanne Larsen     DI   |   Business     🕐 24. May. 2019

The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) is warning its 11 000 private enterprise members to stay clear of fake invoices sent out to a number of DI member companies.

Unsolicited invoices
Yesterday DI officially reached out to its network of companies urging them not to pay any invoices sent out by Portuguese 'GDPR Organization LDA'.

Businesses have been receiving unsolicited letters from the Portuguese organisation, along with enclosed payment collection of 479 euros, which equals approximately DDK 3 500.

'GDPR Organization LDA' is trying to sell companies GDPR advise in an unrequested ”step-by-step” guide. Information and guidance that all DI business member are already entitled to without having to pay for it.

Do not pay
Chief consultant at DI, Lars Holm Nielsen, warns DI member companies saying: “This is approaching scam or fraud. Even though [both] letters and invoices look very official, one should not be tempted to pay. It is simply a waste of money”.

Instead he encourages Danish private enterprise members to use the tools already freely available on how to best act in relation to the GDPR legislation.

Nielsen points to DI’s webpage introduction to GDPR, where guidance, tools and concrete templates can be found, arguing that there is no need for businesses to become involved with the Portuguese organisation.

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