Nordics in the Top on Equality: Still Not Good Enough

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Just released 2019 Global Report on ‘Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Gender Index’ finds that Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway are in the lead when it comes to gender equality.

This is reportedly not enough to go “the 'last mile’” however, and no country is currently set to achieve gender equality by 2030.

193 countries committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, as set by the index, in 2015. They include objectives on matters of climate change, ending poverty as well as the 2019 introduced 'Gender Index' on equality.

Economic factors, such as a countries’ GDP and living standards versus wages, are believed to play an important part in a country’s ability ‘score’ high on the index. Perhaps no surprise then, that the Nordic countries are at the fore of SDG Gender Index being met.

Targets not met
Nevertheless, this is still not enough to achieve the change needed to meet the gender equality goals in time for 2030:

"I don't see any countries taking the ambitious action needed to tackle intractable problems – even the best scoring countries.” said Alison Holder, director of Equal Measures 2030.

No Excellent Countries
While Denmark came very close, ranking an impressive 89.3 out of 100, it still did not make the 90th percentile which would qualify it as having an ‘excellent’ score. 

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