Storming Area 51 – a Business Move?

Storming Area 51

writer icon Tormod Birch     Eberhard Grossgasteiger   |   Culture     🕐 05. Sep. 2019

Later this month sees a milestone for us, as Inside Scandinavian Business will be celebrating its second birthday. However, on September 20th, the birthdays of our news magazine, a very different kind of gathering will be taking place over 5000 miles away. On that day, an organised group have made intricate plans to storm the renowned Area 51.

For decades, Area 51 has been the facility that, allegedly, the US government have been keeping aliens, working on creating UFO’s, and learning about alien-technology. Any perceived discovery has always been globally classified.

A number of high rollers in the tech and business field have openly come out and said that they believe in the existence of aliens. Diving into the knowledge and information available on this subject gives some credibility to their credence.

The community of alien-believers has grown with easier accessibility of technology and social media. Within these communities, a quest for answers has begun.

Storming Area 51 Facebook page
A Facebook page was created for the event, with 2 million people having signed up to be potential participants.
On their Facebook page, the creator of the group writes: “We will all meet up in Rural Nevada and coordinate our parties. If we Naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Let’s see those aliens”.

A handful of Americans were interviewed by the online magazine FastCompany. One claimed to believe that “they’re among us [the aliens]”, while others found the effort to storm Area 51 to be pointless, with one stating “I don’t think it is going to happen”.

A business move
Linking to their webpage through the Facebook page, the endeavour looks like a marketing stunt. Merchandise is being shamelessly sold, with the description “Storm Area 51”.

Whether it is a stunt or not might not matter too much, as one of the interviewees said: “We care more about what’s funny than what’s important” With the phrase "A fool and his money are soon parted" in mind, others like himself feel that if money is generated from this exercise, then it cannot be a bad thing for the local area.

The level of seriousness with which this event is being taken is varying enormously, depending on which side of the paranormal line one stands. However, the Facebook page creators knew that it actually made no difference where people morally stood; all publicity is good publicity.

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