Danish Pension Fund PKA Looks to Invest in BioTech


writer icon Peter Karlsson     Søren Kristensen   |   Investment     🕐 11. Sep. 2019

Denmark is producing more BioTech startups then there are Venture Capitalist (VCs) to invest in them. Since the launch of the BioTech Hub BII on the 20th of November last year the number of BioTech startups has increased, and PKA has taken notice of this.

With 320 000 members, PKA is one of the larges pension funds in Denmark. This translates into the fund being able to invest an enormous amount in any sector of their choosing.

On their webpage PKA states that they are proud to be front runners within Green investment. “With 300 billion Danish Kroner within the pension fund, we take the lead with responsible investments […] Because long-term responsible investment provides good returns for members while contributing to a sustainable future.”

A decade ago, PKA invested a portion of their money in BioTech funds through the Danish asset manager BankInvest. An investment which led to substantial financial loss.

New investment prospects
PKA has since then recovered and over the past years regained their economical footing according to Peter Damgaard Jensen, CEO at PKA.

PKA is now ready to re-enter the BioTech scene. "We believe that we are the natural risk-takers of these types of investments" says Michael Nellemann Pedersen investment Director at PKA.

Baring the positive outcome in mind, Pedersen commented"We will also be rewarded if we manage to hit the upper quartile in the funds".

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