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The 21 startups from Finland, Ireland, Great Britain, Iceland, Italy and Denmark, have applied to be part of the North’s best accelerator program Accelerace. The startups will be divide into five individual accelerator programs; tech, cleantech, foodtech, biotech and life sciences.

Accelerace started the accelerator course, one of the first in Europe, in 2008. It has since trained over 800 companies, including Trustpilot, Coinify, Actimo and The Eye Tribe. In early 2018, Accelerace raised investment from Færchfonden, Vækstfonden and Symbion of 10.5 million DKK. The investment will help startups to growth and professionalisation through consulting, networking and contact to major companies and investors.

The startups
The selected startups have developed innovations in virtual and augmented reality, e-sports, green and sustainable technologies and superfood, as well as drone technology for agriculture, biotechnological achievements and artificial intelligence for elderly care.

The program
Each accelerator program course lasts for 6-8 months. During that time the startups will review and optimise all areas of their business, from growing new and existing markets and sales to marketing and pitch training. Entrepreneurs will also develop business relationships with some of the largest companies in their industry, as well as have the opportunity to build a network of investors and business angels.

Future money
The course target is for more than 60% of the start-ups raise investments during or post completion of the course.

Accelerace appear to have done a great job in selecting some fascinating startups with huge growth potential. Here are some of the brilliant startups which were selected out of 6000 screen startups:

Gonio VR(Denmark) Gonio VR uses Virtual Reality (VR) in physiotherapy. Treatments can now rehabilitate patients more quickly, and at a cheaper cost. In addition, a number of functions have been automated, such as registration of movement and documentation.

Meeshkan (Finland) Meeshkan attacks the rapidly expanding market for Machine Learning Computing. Their solution is a decentralised network of private individuals' phones, consoles, computers, etc. All devices with a CPU / GPU can be used in theory and represent an affordable alternative to, for example, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Cleverbooks (Ireland) Cleverbooks' mission is to enrich existing schoolbooks with Augmented Reality. This means that when a student reads about geometry, the characters are shown in 3D and can be interacted with the new technology.

Sarita Caretech (Denmark) Sarita Caretech has developed the Sarita Pearl technology, which is an all-in-one device that can monitor the elderly in nursing homes, for example, detect when an elderly may fall and automatically send messages to carers. The device uses artificial intelligence to detect possible abnormalities in the elderly's daily behaviour.

Octlight (Denmark) Octlight has developed a new method of taking 3D images of the inner eye using laser technology. This allows doctors and clinicians to perform a faster and better screening of the eye, which facilitates diagnosis of diseases in the eye. Octlight provides new opportunities for clinicians as well as for patients who do not necessarily need to visit hospitals and other highly specialized clinics.

Foodhub (Denmark) FoodHub offers a fast-paced delivery of takeaway food. With automated calculations of time and pickup / delivery, Foodhub can guarantee delivery of food on time and that the food is always hot when the customer receives it.

StopMyCraving (UK) Helps people get control of their snack hunger by sending individual nutrition-adapted packages with healthy or appropriate snacks. This is designed to help control the recipient's weight loss with the continued goal of pampering themselves.

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