Out of All the EU Countries Denmark has the Fewest Obese People

fewest obese people in dk

writer icon Laura Jensen     ISB   |   Culture     🕐 26. Nov. 2019

A new report discloses that there are more obese people as a percentage of inhabitants in every other country in the EU than in Denmark. In Denmark only every fifth person is obese.

A victory, or merely a lesser failure?
Although every fifth Dane is overweight, Denmark is the country in the EU which has the fewest inhabitants in the obese category.

This is revealed in the new report by the international economic and development organisation OECD, called: The heavy burden of heavy overweight.

The Danish news channel, DR, was quick to disclose the new numbers through an article on the newly formed report, but neglected to use the numbers in their graph from countries not part of the EU and thereby showcasing Denmark as victorious in the new poll of obesity.

obese dr 2019

The original graph and numbers from the OECD report can be seen here:

obese numbers 2019

Rather satisfied with the results is Arne Astrup, Professor and Head of the Department of Sport and Nutrition at the University of Copenhagen.

”For the past 10-15 years, we've actually been doing well when it comes to preventing overweight, obesity and cardiovascular disease,” Astrup says in an interview with DR.

Pushing for New Solutions
Consultant and Head of Research in Obesity at Holbæk Hospital, Jens-Christian Holm wants to see changes. With his many years of experience in obesity research, Holm said in an interview with Danish TV2:

”It's a gigantic problem. It is the largest challenge our public health is facing. People think you just have to eat less and exercise more to lose weight, but that's totally wrong. The body has a system that tries to maintain the fat on the body.”

Holm continues: ”Overweight must be recognised as a disease and we must have respect for the disease. We must prioritise treatment options for obese people. It's a downfall - the numbers have only risen during the past 50 years. A fundamental change of attitude is needed throughout the entire society.”

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