The Largest Solar Park in the Nordics

sol energi i jylland

writer icon Laura Jensen     ISB   |   Business     🕐 17. Dec. 2019

Construction of a large new solar power plant in Vandel, Denmark is scheduled to begin in early 2020.

The solar power plant at the abandoned Vandel airfield will be able to generate enough electricity to cover more than 34 000 households' total electricity consumption.

Investment from Swedish Infranode
Philip Ajina, Co-founder and Partner of Infranode, said in their press release: “The investment in Vandel 3 is a very important milestone for Infranode, marking our entry into the Danish market for infrastructure investments. We’re excited to do so by investing in the largest solar park ever built in the Nordics, from day one 100 percent free of subsidies. This investment is not only commercially attractive for our investors, including Nordic pension funds and the EIB, but is also making a significant contribution to the transition to a low-carbon and resilient economy.”

Anders Dolmer, Co-founder and Chairman of BeGreen A/S, added:
“We would like to commend Infranode on its professionalism and its excellent deal team throughout this process. Infranode has the highest standards when it comes to infrastructure investments in the Nordics and with their long-term sustainability commitment, forms an ideal partnership between Infranode and BeGreen.”

A Project of Significance
The solar park covers 180 hectares equalling 250 football pitches. With an anticipated annual production of 152 000 MWh, the new park will reduce the carbon footprint with 190 000 tons CO2e per year.

Lars Møller Salling, CEO of BeGreen A/S, says: “This is the biggest project we have developed in BeGreen, but also to date one of the largest in Europe. We’re looking forward to working together, setting new standards within the industry.”

Joel Löfroth, Investment Manager of Infranode AB, says: “This investment fits perfectly into Infranode’s strategy for long-term sustainable infrastructure investments. We look forward to delivering more investments in Denmark within the energy, transport, digital and social infrastructure sectors and I am convinced that, as a partner focused investor with interest in co-owning with both private and public sector owners, there will be ample of opportunities going forward.”

Objections From the Citizens of Vandel
The village of Vandel is elongated and the new solar panels will be placed along the entire south side of the village. There will be 200 meters distance between the village and the start of the solar panels. A distance the local residents have not been happy with.
The area for the new solar panels also contains a ‘heart trail’, an exercise route the locals are rather fond of.

The residents of Vandel have therefore voiced their opinion to the municipality. Stating that they were not willing to “lose” the ‘heart trail’ exercise route, nor were they happy with the new view of the solar park.

Hanne Damgaard Hansen, Secretary at Vandel Development Council, told ISB that the local Manor and municipality had listened to the objections made by the residents of the village. This has resulted in a new forest area being planted in the 200 meters between the solar park and where the village starts. A new part of the ‘heart trail’ exercise route has been planned so the exercise route can still be accessed and used.

Damgaard Hansen commends the local Manor for listening to the needs of the residents and adds: “It would have been nice, if they would have invested in a solar-driven playground for the local children or something that would benefit the residents of Vandel in a fun and direct way.”

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