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Numbers last updated at 15:41 21st of October 2020.

Drastic measures are being taken by the Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish Governments. Large parts of the governmental entities in all of the Scandinavian countries have been shut down.

In Norway, it was declared on March 13th that all police stations and traffic stations will now be closed for the public. In Denmark, all government workers who have non-essential jobs have been sent home from work. And in Sweden, some governmental jobs have also been closed down. 

The Swedish authorities are warning their citizens, stating: "The risk of spreading the coronavirus in Sweden is considered very high."

"The Public Health Authority urges people with symptoms to limit social contact so as not to infect others. Here you will find information from the responsible authorities about the virus, the spread of infection and the management of the outbreak."

Coronavirus in Denmark

Cases of infected people with coronavirus: 37 003

Cases of deaths due to coronavirus: 690

Coronavirus in Sweden

Cases of infected people with coronavirus: 107 355

Cases of deaths due to coronavirus: 5 929

Coronavirus in Norway

Cases of infected people with coronavirus: 16 771

Cases of deaths due to coronavirus: 279

Danish Business
Danish Industry (DI) urges private companies to follow the government’s recommendations

"We know that many companies have already announced that their employees must work from home [...] The employees should get their usual pay, if the company follows the [Danish] authorities’ recommendation about sending them home as a precaution. If the employee’s job function allows working from home, this can also be agreed." DI wrote on their webpage to help guide Danish companies."

H&M, Monki, Cos, Weekday, and & Stories, are now closing their fitting rooms.

And many companies, such as Danfoss, have informed their thousands of Danish employees to stay at home and work from home, if possible.

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