Danish Authorities Investigate TikTok

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writer icon Kristine Hanson     Kon Karampelas   |   Tech Ethics     🕐 08. Jul. 2020

The Danish Data Protection Authority has opened a case regarding the popular video app TikTok to clarify whether it complies with the rules of GDPR.

Stronger GDPR Rules
"TikTok is very popular among children, who, according to the GDPR rules, are entitled to increased protection of their information," said the Danish Data Protection Supervisor, Cristina Angela Gulisano.

"We are, therefore, looking into the processing of personal data in the app and what the legal basis for the processing is. In addition, we are investigating a number of security aspects of TikTok," added Gulisano.

This is a so-called inspection case which the Data Protection Authority has chosen to create on TikTok.

No European HQ
As TikTok has not yet established any headquarters in Europe the Danish Data Protection Authority can in this case themselves initiate an inspection case directly against a data controller who operates internationally.

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