Telia & Telenor Gives 500 000 Danish Customers 5G

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writer icon Samuel Christiansen     Rahbek Media   |   Tech     🕐 14. Sep. 2020

Telia and Telenor are upgrading their shared mobile network in Denmark and will now launch the 5G network.

Telia and Telenor, who operate shared mobile infrastructure in Denmark, have now announced they will start rolling out 5G in Denmark later this September. Ahead of the 5G launch, the companies have upgraded the network and conducted several successful 5G pilot tests.

First Danish Cities to Get 5G
The first cities to get 5G are Copenhagen and Aalborg, where existing 5G test sites will be made public. A 5G upgrade and commercial launch of more existing sites will follow. Telia and Telenor will continue with the rollout in two other major Danish cities, Aarhus and Odense.

A Cutting Edge Solution
With the implementation of 5G, Telia and Telenor will ensure that the companies' joint mobile network is cutting edge explains Thomas Kjærsgaard, Head of Telia in Denmark.

“We want to roll out a nationwide 5G network based on customer and market demand. A smart rollout, where our customers will get the most out of both the new 5G network and leverage existing, strong and nationwide 4G network. Our priority is to ensure that we can offer the best network coverage and at the same time enable innovative digital solutions that utilise the technologies and capacity of our network,” Kjærsgaard said.

The network modernisation and 5G rollout will continue gradually over the next years as the 5G frequencies becomes commercially available.

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