Danish HR Departments Are Targeted By Hackers

HR hacking

writer icon Mette Jensen     Artem Bryzgalov   |   Tech     🕐 09. Nov. 2020

Unknown hackers have been attacking Danish HR departments for years, declares the Danish Centre for Cyber Security.

This type of hacker attack is usually seen from both foreign states and criminals around the globe.

The attacks happen through a hacker submitting fake job applications with attached files containing malware. The attached files often look like legitimate CVs or cover letters.

“Most organisations have an HR department, and often HR employees have to open attachments in emails from senders they do not know. The hackers are trying to exploit this to their advantage. In the eyes of hackers, HR departments can be an easy way into an organisation,” said Head of the Centre for Cyber Security Thomas Lund Sørensen.

"However that does not have to be the case. If organisations are aware of the threat, they can in various ways support their HR departments so that they can carry out their work without letting in the hackers along the way,” Lund Sørensen added.

In recent years there has been a rise of businesses being blackmailed as a result of hackers obtaining confidential information or simply taking a hold of their database.

HR departments are an easy and effective way for hackers to get onto the local business networks, where they can then go on to compromise other parts of the organisation. HR departments can also be the target themselves, as they potentially have access to sensitive information about the organisation and its employees. Such information can be of value both to foreign states and to criminals.

The threat assessment provides advice on how cyber attacks against HR departments can be countered.

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